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Back Light Bulb How to change in Honda CD 110

Back Light Bulb How to change in Honda CD 110

How to change back light bulb in honda cd 110 | बैकलाइट का बल्ब कैसे बदलें | shubham motors.

Back light bulb is the indicator bulb which fleshes when we apply break in the motorcycle. Besides it is also a sensor bulb that informs the backside rider about the front rider decisions. LED backlight technology provides excellent brightness uniformity to enhance and improve the user experience. Basically, this means that the internal structure and placement of the back lighting allows for it to distribute light more evenly across the screen to make for high-definition visibility.

Why Back lights have color red ?

Having more wavelength than other colours in VIBGYOR, Red colour can be identified from a greater distance.That’s the reason why Red is used in Traffic signals.This helps in foggy conditions.Hence Red is used for backlight.And since we have this reflex to stop upon the sight of Red, it is used for brake light too.

Watch Full Video to Change Back Light Bulb in Honda CD 110

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