Why Chain sprocket lubricant is so Important for your Motorcycle

Why Chain sprocket lubricant is so Important for your Motorcycle

Chain Sprocket Lube is Very Important Of Every Bike.

Hello,Chain Sprocket Lube bike की chain को हर 500 km चलने के बाद lubricant और टाइट करवानी चाहिए

इससे chainsprocket की लाइफ बढती है तथा आपको भी बार बार में chain की loose होने का अहसास नही होगा |

The majority of chains used in industry suffer unnecessarily short lives.

This leads many companies to forego chains all together and replace them with belts.

In most cases, however, the problem is not the fault of the chains

but rather the method in which they are lubricated.

A bicycle chain can be very energy efficient: one study reported efficiencies as high as 98.6%.

The study, performed in a clean laboratory environment, found that efficiency was not greatly affected by the state of lubrication.

A larger sprocket will give a more efficient drive, because moves the point of pressure farther away from the axle,

placing less stress on the bearings, thus reducing friction in the inner wheel.

Higher chain tension was found to be more efficient: “

This is actually not in the direction you’d expect, based simply on friction”.

It’s a good idea to re-lube the chain using the instructions above after every few rides and directly after a ride in the rain.

General use and water push out the lubrication, resulting in poor shifting performance and accelerated wear.

After applying the lubricant to the chain, you may want to gradually shift through all of the gears

so that they are all well-oiled before the ride too a thin oil,

Chainsprocket lubricant

such as bicycle Chain Sprocket Lube.

Avoid the thick, greasy type of lubricants. The thinner oil will wash off earlier, but it’ll get much further inside the link.

A good bike store will recommend you a brand it uses.

but you’ll use only a small amount each time, so a bottle of lube lasts a long time.