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Change Valve in Hero Honda

Change Valve in Hero Honda

What is Valve in Bike and How it functions ?

Change Valve in Hero Honda : Valves are the doors on your consumption and exhaust machine. Essentially, valves act because the doorways to the combustion chamber, permitting the fresh blend to drift in at some point of the consumption stroke, sealing the chamber during the compression and power strokes, and providing an exit for the spent gas at some point of the exhaust stroke.

What’s the use of valve in motorbike engine?

The valves permit the air-gas mixture to go into the combustion chamber. Clearly, then, if the consumption valves allow for higher waft of air into the combustion chamber, the engine would be able to breathe higher, making an allowance for a more efficient burning of fuel.

How to change Valve in Hero Honda ?

First of all you open engine first part of head. After you can separate the cam shaft. After then you can remove Valve Rocker. Again you can discard both valve locks. Now you can easily change both valves. After to remove the valve you can discard oil seal. And finally head has sent on the lathe Machine for repairing.

Watch Full Video to Change Valve in Hero Honda

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