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” Fuel tank lock कैसे बदले ” । shubham motors । 4k video

” Fuel tank lock कैसे बदले ” । shubham motors । 4k video

” Fuel tank lock कैसे बदले ” । shubham motors ।

[su_heading]Introduction of Fuel Tank Lock………..[/su_heading]

Fuel tank lock is an important part of every motorcycle. Inside it’s uses the fuel to operate bike. Petrol is very inflammable liquid so it is necessary to lock it. Every bike manufacturer company makes it as a spare part to new bike. Lock is the safe guard to prevent to coming out petrol in the bike. In long term situation it rusted by iron and lock may be damaged condition.

[su_heading]How can Change or repair tank lock………..[/su_heading]

Initially we open the cover of Fuel tank and remove the lock patti and remove also flat washer who supports to lock. After that we insert out old lock and replace with new. Rest process to fit it will be as usual.

[su_heading]Price of Fuel tank lock………..[/su_heading]

Usually it comes with the lock set but if you want to only buy individually petrol tank lock then it also available separately in the Indian market. Average fuel tank price lock is 150 to 250.

[su_heading]Famous brands of Fuel tank lock………..[/su_heading]

In the market there are many companies which makes filler locks but most popular brand in mechanics, are Minda, SLD and Pavana. These companies also OE suppliers so a customer to prefer these company brand. If you want to face these type of problems then you can email this address- shubhammotorsreengus@gmail.com