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How Change Spark Plug in Broken Condition

How Change Spark Plug in Broken Condition

How Change Spark Plug in Broken Condition

What is Spark Plug

Spark plug is a electronic metal device which is fixed on internal combustible engine. It works to boost fire with petrol and fuel. This device ignites petrol in Motorcycle and an explosion creates this boost. It is the device which makes an engine to produce power. So we can say that it is the important part of bike to start a engine. Now we see how change spark plug in broken condition.

Different Types of Spark Plug

There are many types of spark plugs but four spark plug is important. First is Copper plug. It is the important plug because to power generation. It is the suitable energy conductor of electricity. Second is Iridium metal plug, and third is Platinum plug. These types of plug also suitable but most famous electricity spark plug is copper. So you should prefer this plug. But sometimes we see that spark plug broken to open it.

How to Open Broken Spark Plug

Sometimes we open the plug, then it is damaged. So we should open it carefully. But if this situation happens then we should open it with the help of screwdriver. So it is important to us to open it carefully. You should kick screw driver with slowly. To consider this process practically you can see our YouTube video link, mentioned above. Once you open it then you can easily replace it.

Brands and Prices of Spark Plug

There are many brands in market who manufactures sparks plug. But some OE brands is MICO, NGK and Champion. These types of brands is well famous in market. The price or cost depends on the brand value. Almost its price is 80 to 150 rupees. It is the estimated price but according to Brand value it can be differ.

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