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How to change back brake switch in hero honda . shubham motors .

How to change back brake switch in hero honda . shubham motors .

How to change back brake switch in hero honda . shubham motors .

[su_heading size=”15″]Introduction of Back Brake Wire in Bike……….. [/su_heading]

In the bike Back brake wire is the supply equipment to show red Indicator when we press bike rear brake. It is the electronic wire who gives indicate to brake. Mainly this wire one shore connected to power supply cable and back shore connected to brake iron paddle rod. When we press the brake an indication goes to power cable box and red light illuminates.

[su_heading size=”15″]Damaged Brake Wire Situation in Bike……….. [/su_heading]

When the brake wire goes to damaged condition then your rear light do not illuminates. In this situation backside vehicle drivers confuse because they do not get any indication of light. So we should repair brake wire as soon as possible. Mainly wire sparking and humidity in wire causes for bad situation of wire. So if your back light not working properly then we say that brake wire is damaged.

[su_heading size=”15″]How to Change Damaged Wire……….. [/su_heading]

To change the sparked wire we open initially the brake spring connected to brake peddle. After it the second shore of cable should be opened which is connected to power supply cable. And we remove old brake wire cable. After this process we take new brake cable and connected to one shore spring on brake paddle and remain shore joined to power supply utility box. With new brake cable wire we see that rear brake light is active and illuminates.

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