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How to change Clutch Plate Hero Honda

How to change Clutch Plate Hero Honda

How to change clutch plate in hero honda | क्लच प्लेट बदलने का आसान तरीका | shubham motors

How to change Clutch Plate Hero Honda : The clutch plate is the driving member of the clutch and is gripped between the flywheel and the pressure plate. It is mounted on the clutch shaft through the splines. When it is gripped, rotates the clutch shaft and the power is transmitted from the engine to the transmission through the clutch.

What is the function of clutch plate?

Most automotive clutches are a dry single plate clutch with two friction surfaces. No matter the application, the function and purpose of a clutch is to transmit torque from a rotating driving motor to a transmission. Clutches require a mode of actuation in order to break the transmission of torque.

What are the symptoms of clutch plate problems? 8 Signs of a Bad Clutch
  • Weak Acceleration.
  • Grinding Gears.
  • Loose Clutch Pedal.
  • Sticky Clutch Pedal.
  • Other Noises.
  • Won’t Shift into Gear.
  • Won’t Stay in Gear.
  • Burning Smell.
To Change Clutch Plate Watch Full Video

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