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How to Change Glass of ISI Helmet

How to Change Glass of ISI Helmet

How to change glass of ISI helmet . आसान तरीका हेलमेट के ग्लास को बदलने का। 4k video

How to Change Glass of ISI Helmet : ISI is a certification mark given to a range of products sold in India by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a government organization that sets the minimum acceptable standard for all industrial goods sold in India. Bottom line is that every lid that is worn today, irrespective of when it was bought, has to have an ISI certification. Currently, most of the superbike showrooms do not stock high-end helmets.

How to Change Glass of ISI Helmet

How can you tell a fake ISI mark?

Cross Check the authenticity of BIS or ISI mark Via BIS Care App

  1. Download BIS Care App.
  2. Click on Verify R-No under CRS in case of BIS marked products.
  3. Enter the registration number, mentioned under the BIS mark on the product.
  4. In the case of ISI marked products, click on Licence Details.

Which Helmet brand is best in India?

List of Top Indian Helmet Brands

  1. Vega. (Source: 5.imimg) Vega Auto Accessories Pvt.
  2. Steelbird. (Source: 5.imim
  3. Studds. (Source: 5.imimg)
  4. SMK. (Source: 5.imimg)
  5. Aerostar Helmets. (Source: 5.imimg)
  6. FASTRACK. (Source: m.media)

Watch Full Video to Glass of ISI Helmet

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