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How to Replace Clutch Lever Oil Seal in Bajaj Platina. Shubham Motors .

How to Replace Clutch Lever Oil Seal in Bajaj Platina. Shubham Motors .

How to replace clutch lever oil seal in bajaj platina. shubham motors .

Introduction of Clutch Lever Seal

The Clutch Lever is located on the left side of the handlebar. It disengages and engages the power from the engine to the rear wheel. Clutch lever seal is the essential part of Bike Engine which set the distance between the lever and the grip. It is the rubber seal, works as the resistant seal to prohibit the lubricant from clutch assembly.

What will happen if I ignore Clutch Lever seal long time

If you ignore the Clutch Lever Seal in long time then it is possible that Bike oil come out from bike engine. And in this condition your bike oil can be empty totally. Unfortunately Your bike engine may also be seized. So you should be changed damaged Clutch Lever Seal as soon as possible.

Price of Clutch Lever Seal in India

The price of seal in Indian market is around 10 to 13 rupees. You can easily buy the seal any shopkeeper in the market. If you want to change it at home then you can see the video which is provided above the page. You can also visit the workshop, if you face adverse problems during to change it.

Help and Guideline

We always suggest our customer for OE spare parts for motorcycle long life.If you want to face these type of problems then you can email this address- shubhammotorsreengus@gmail.com. Otherwise you can also watch more videos on our you tube channel for improvement your bike.

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