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How to Replace Oil Gauge Lens

How to Replace Oil Gauge Lens

How to Replace Oil Gage Lens in Bajaj Motorcycle

How to Replace Oil Gauge Lens : An oil gauge is a rod that shows the oil level in an engine oil pan or transmission. There was plenty of gasoline, the oil gauge was registering pressure, yet the car was not heating up.

What is the function of the oil guge?

The gauge monitors the oil pressure in one of the main oilways near to the pump and filter . To do this it has a tapping in the engine block , into which is screwed a sensor (for electric gauges) or an oil pipe take-off (for mechanical gauges).

Why does my oil gauge go up when I accelerate?

This is completely normal for the oil pressure to increase when accelerating. The oil pressure inside the motor increases as the motor works harder. Your oil pressure switch reads this change in pressure and relays this to the oil pressure gauge.

Watch Full Video to Replace Oil Gauge Lens

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