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” Service Reminder कैसे बंद करें ।” shubham motors | 4k video

” Service Reminder कैसे बंद करें ।” shubham motors | 4k video

” Service Reminder कैसे बंद करें ।” shubham motors

[su_heading size=”15″]Introduction of Service Reminder Key………….. [/su_heading]

Service reminder is a indicator sign, located speedometer. When bike is going on service it contentiously indicates and prompted on meter screen. It is a good reminder for bike service on time. It is situated in front of rider’s eye so riders easily understand to go on workshop.

[su_heading size=”15″]Significance and Importance of Service Reminder………….. [/su_heading]

In busy life commonly man forget to service the bike on time so this indicator informs the customer to remind service message. It is the also help customer to know how many kilometer bike has gone. So we can say that service reminder play role to help bike rider to service message and care of Motorcycle. Mostly new modern bike preinstalled with this key but some old bike cannot operated with this key.

[su_heading size=”15″]Which bike Installed this Icon………….. [/su_heading]

This icon mostly uses in Hero Bike models like Passion pro, i smart, passion x pro and all new hero model which launched after 2020. Mainly this icon shows when we insert on off switch key in bike and turn on. So if you want to purchase new bike then you should prefer these bike to update the service information.

[su_heading size=”15″]Help and Guidance………….. [/su_heading]

If you want to know about this process deeply then you can click on bottom Youtube link. We also provide best bike services, old and new bike repairing and engine binding work. So if you are interested this services then you can contact us this number 7073122221. Our workshop is open 24*7 to your help.

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