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How to Hold Magneto On Top in Motorcycle. Shubham Motors

How to Hold Magneto On Top in Motorcycle. Shubham Motors

How to Hold Magneto on Top in Motorcycle.

What is The Magnet in Motorcycle

In the bike Magnetos produces high voltage pulses for spark plugs in ignition system. In Motorcycle magnetos uses because it is lighter in weight than an ignition system rely on battery. It generates a strong magnetic force that is held back by the coil. In bike it located near the engine box.

Significance of Magneto in Motorcycle

We usually see that a magneto works on the Top. If timing gap dis balances between shaft or Magneto then force generation process disturb and bike can not start these adverse condition.  Magnet mounted around the perimeter of a crankshaft mounted flywheel. So when it assembles in Top then it will work properly.

How to Set Magneto on Top

You can easily set magnet on Top without uncover the magnet box. Initially you should push the kick box the extreme position it goes. Then you can repeat this process two and thrice times. One T mark also can apply on the magneto to accurate rear position and Top position. If you want to see this process practically, you can see our YouTube link.

Our Help and Guidance

We always suggest our customer for OE spare parts for motorcycle long life.If you want to face these type of problems then you can email this address- shubhammotorsreengus@gmail.com. Otherwise you can also watch more videos on our you tube channel for improvement your bike.


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